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ThredUp Clean Out Kit

I always see people on Instagram talking about some great finds they’ve gotten from ThredUp, but I never see people talking about their Clean Out Kits and that’s really what I’m most interested in. Personally, I’d rather not buy consignment, but that’s just my personal preference. However, I have no problem sending items to be sold on consignment.

As you may know I’ve had a Poshmark account for a few years now and I still have a ton of items listed on there, but maintaining it takes a lot of work. Not to mention it takes time to take photos of the items, list them, promote them etc. And then if/when someone buys the item you need to pack it up and bring it to the post office to be mailed out. It is time consuming and while I made a decent amount of money I just don’t have enough time to do all that work for all the clothes I want to get rid of.

I first looked at ThredUp for their Clean Out Kits last year, but I was discouraged because I saw that their payouts are pretty low. For example, a pair of Old Navy jeans would get you on average, $0.55 only! I could get a lot more on Poshmark – probably at least $8 for the pair. But the thing is, you never know how long you’ll have to hold on to these items before they sell on Poshmark – or if they will even ever sell. And like I said before, I just have too many items that I’m trying to get rid of so I can’t hold on to all these clothes forever. With my move, I desperately needed to get rid of a lot of clothes and did not have the time/space to list all those items for Poshmark. So I ordered a Clean Out Kit and the process is SO easy.

First, I ordered the kit and I was updated on when it would be arriving. ThredUp is very selective about what they will accept. They have to be very gently worn, labels need to be there, no alterations, etc. What I liked about the Clean Out Kits is that you can decide what you want to do with the items that they won’t accept for selling. You can either get the items sent back to you or allow ThredUp to donate or recycle the items. I love that! I didn’t want the items back so I opted to have any of my unaccepted items donated and/or recycled. I folded up 10 items (dresses, sweaters, jeans, tops) in to the bag they sent with the pre-paid label already on it. Then I sealed the bag and scheduled a USPS pickup online. Extremely easy!

I was sent updates of my bag being in transit, arriving at ThredUp, and when it was done being processed. They accepted 6 out of the 10 items I sent and donated/recycled the other pieces. They even have photos of the items of mine that they are selling! Once the items sell I will get the money. It’s seriously the easiest thing ever!

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I really love that they have photos of the items they’re listing for sale because then I know they really got my items. Sure, I will definitely not make as much money as I would have if I sold my items on my own, but it is just so much easier to not have to do anything besides pack the items in a bag and send them off. And I love that any unsold items will be reused either through donation or recycling. With how busy and hectic life is right now, the simpler, the better!

I definitely plan to do this again!

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