Three Ways To Find More Space In Your Home

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Ever get the feeling that you’re simply running out of space? As our lives and circumstances change, we tend to fill up the spaces that we have and find that things are getting a little bit snug. Whether it’s wanting extra space at home to start up your own business, or even planning a family, the solution doesn’t have to involve a costly and stressful house move. There are a variety of things you can do to enhance the space of your home – from quick and easy projects that you can tackle in a weekend to big remodelling works. It all depends on the space you need, the budget you have available and the scale of your ambition.


Up And Out

Obviously, the first and the most drastic route to go when only added square footage will do is to consider renovation works to extend your current home. This is a costly and fairly disruptive option, but if you love where you live it’s often a good idea – it both gives you an enhanced living space which is fit for purpose and adds value to your home for when you do come to sell it. There are a number of options depending on what kind of space you need to add. If you need extra bedrooms or a home office then a loft conversion with dormer window can really create valuable space. If you need more entertaining space, then you can either look at the rear or side extension or basement waterproofing to create more ground floor space. A good architect should be able to assess your needs and the current situation of your property and make a recommendation of the best route to use.


Build In More Storage
Sometimes the problem is just that our possessions have outgrown the space we have available. In this situation a ruthless, Marie Kondo style systematic declutter can make a big difference, and if you pair that with investing in some enhanced storage options, you really have a transformative opportunity. Work with a good joiner who can custom make you some bespoke storage – sometimes there will be dead space, such as the space under the stairs, which can easily be pressed into service. Seek out furniture which does double-duty as well, such as stylish storage ottomans which double as seating or a sort of upholstered coffee table, and look for sofas and bed with storage built into the base to maximise your available space.


Think Outside The Box
A big trend in home design at the moment is assigning your spaces more than one function. After all, it’s a huge luxury to have a dining room sitting empty if you never eat in it and you could use the space better as a small gym or a guest room. If you’re clever you can even get the room to perform multiple functions – with clever choices of furniture and layout, it’s very possible to give your room several jobs to do, and then you’ve effectively gained an extra room without the huge outlay of building works.

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