Sitka Salmon Shares - Wild Salmon King Salmon

Sitka Salmon Shares: Wild Alaskan King Salmon

Seafood lover? Want to support small boat fisherman? Sitka Salmon SharesΒ has their October Early Bird sale going on right now! If you remember back in the spring, Sitka Salmon Shares was kind enough to send me a box of seafood all caught by small boat fisherman in Alaska. It was awesome! They were really nice to me again and sent me a box of Wild Alaskan King Salmon and I have a promo code for you!

Sitka Salmon Shares - Wild Salmon King Salmon

How do shares work?

  • Community Supported Fishery (CSF) members purchase their very own “shares”
    of our harvest. Similar to preorders or vegetable shares ordered through your
    favorite CSA, these purchases determine how much fish our fishermen catch.
    After that, CSF members receive a monthly home seafood delivery – their “share”
    – of our wild Alaskan catch, ranging 4.5-5lbs per month and ranging 3-9 months
    during the CSF season (April thru December).
  • You enroll at 3 to 9-month intervals. Of course, if you’re ever not happy, you can
    cancel at any time for a full refund.
  • Each share includes a specific selection of the species that we harvest. In 2019,
    these species include wild Alaskan king salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon,
    keta salmon, lingcod, black bass, black cod, Pacific cod, yelloweye, rockfish, spot
    prawns, Dungeness crab, albacore tuna, and halibut.

Why support small boat fisherman?

  • The majority of Sitka Salmon Shares fishermen live year-round in coastal communities like Sitka.
  • They raise their families there, spend their money there, their livelihoods are
    based there, and they are invested in the sustainability of the community and
    ocean ecosystem.
  • The seafood is harvested (aka caught) using low-impact gear to minimize
  • The fishermen take shorter fishing trips than the average fishing vessel, so they
    return with a fresher catch.
  • Fishermen make on average 20 percent more for their harvest when fishing for
    Sitka Salmon Shares
  • Each seasonal seafood share comes to your doorstep from the collective of 20
    fishermen-owners and about 15 other small-boat fishermen across Alaska

I can’t wait to cook up some of this salmon! If you use my codeΒ JWEB you’ll get $60 off of the Premium Sitka Seafood Share. In addition, each sign up during the October Early Bird sale will be entered into a raffle to win a trip to Sitka, Alaska in 2020! I’ve been to Alaska before, guys, and it is so beautiful!

If you’re interested in buying a share then I highly encourage you to take advantage of the early bird sale! Don’t forget you can use my code JWEB for $60 off and get the chance to win a trip to Sitka!

*I was sent this box complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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