Hot Tub Accessories for An Epic Spa Party With Friends


After your best friend convinced you about the health benefits of hot tub soaks, you finally got a spacious hot tub set up in your patio. Then you tested it. Sadly, soaking up is only half the fun without the rest of the gang. Perhaps it’s time to organize your very first hot tub party. But how do you pull off one?

If you’ve organized a party before, this shouldn’t be much different. Just think up a cool theme, get your food and refreshments menu ready, and prepare some entertainment.

Since your guests will be half dipped in water for a good portion of your party, you want to prepare interesting splash-friendly activities and accessories that can double the fun of soaking up in a home spa with your best buds.

Floating Food Tray and Spa-Friendly Utensils

What could be cooler than passing on snacks and refreshments by floating a minibar across the tub?

Floating spa bars come in different shapes and sizes. There are inflatable trays that have compartments for chips, dips, a wine bottle, and some canned drinks. Some individual floaters can float a can of soda. But who says you have to buy? You can also make your Bali-inspired woven tray and attach it to an improvised floater for a tropics-themed party. Or if you don’t want food floating around, you can get spa trays and containers that latch on to the side of the hot tub.

Acrylic glasses are also ideal because glasses can get broken, which is dangerous. And as you prepare your finger food, you might want to lean towards those that will keep your guests’ fingers clean, like fruits, crackers, cheeses, cold cuts, and bite-sized sandwiches.

Splash-Friendly Games

You’ll never run out of games to play with a deck of waterproof playing cards. There are also pool-friendly versions of some favorite games like Uno Splash and Spot It Splash. Interestingly, some floating trays also double up as checkers or chess boards.

Don’t have time to buy a pool-ready version of Uno? Look for some games that won’t mind getting wet, like Giant 4 Connect and Giant Jenga. Too lazy for those? Some water games only require improvised props like a floating rubber duck for hot tub hockey, and a bottle for pass the bottle. Otherwise, just go stargazing or sing along with your favorite movie soundtracks.


Fancy Waterproof Lights

Having your hot tub party at night? Then you may fancy some pool lights. Just make sure you get the ones specially made for hot tubs. There are quite several options, most of them battery-operated, colored LED lights. Others blink like Christmas lights or project fancy patterns like a traditional disco ball.

You can also choose between floating or underwater lights, and use a remote control to change up the light settings like color and intensity.

Don’t limit lighting to hot tub lights though. Make sure you decorate the rest of your party area with ambient lighting, using fairy lights and garden lamps.

Floating Speaker and Party Music

A party is not a party without music. Make sure you have a playlist that can keep you company all night. And see if you can get a floating speaker to match. These speakers come in different capacities and sizes. Find one that suits your hot tub and your taste.

A hot tub party is a unique way to relax with friends or family. And fun hot tub accessories—from floating food bars to splash-friendly games and fancy lights—can help keep your guests entertained and amused. But make sure to keep them comfortable too.

Some of them may come unprepared so have some slippers, towels, and spa robes ready. Put tiny trash bins near the tub to keep the area clean. A rack for hanging towels and robes may also come handy.

Finally, if all that planning gets you tired, you can always take a relaxing dip in your home spabefore sending out the invites.

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