Road To Recuperation: Courses Of Action To Take When The “Black Dog” Descends

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It’s not too much to ask, is it? The need for a happy life or a sense of consistency can have a bearing on anybody’s outlook but when the stresses of life become too much we all feel that black dog creep up onto our shoulder. So many people suffer from anxiety or depression and the numbers are increasing over time. But if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a diagnosis or you can begin to feel the clouds descending, what courses of action can you take?

The Professional Route

It’s not something we would tend to think is a suitable solution. But whether it’s a course of psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, going down the professional route isn’t just about sitting in a chair talking about your feelings. The whole idea of professional counseling in all of its various forms is that it gives you the opportunity to delve deeper into why you are feeling like this. The professional route isn’t necessarily the option for everyone, but if you’ve been having recurring episodes and this is out of character it’s certainly worth going down this avenue.


Part of the reason we may feel like this is that we’re not looking after ourselves enough. Perhaps we are burning the candle at both ends and burnout soon follows. The most crucial component of health in the modern day is self-care. Because we spend so much of our time devoting ourselves to our jobs and other people we don’t have the opportunity or even the inclination to look after ourselves. With this in mind, it’s hardly a surprise that we all get depressed from time to time! Ensuring that we begin to implement self-care as part of our daily routine either in terms of practices like yoga or just healthy eating means that we start to prioritize ourselves and our needs over others.

Mindfulness And Mental Health Preservation

When we get depressed we start to look at the futility of life or wonder what we’re doing is worth anything. The most important thing that we’ve all got to remember when we feel like this is that it’s due to a chemical imbalance. Taking an opportunity to step outside of ourselves and realize that what we are suffering from is chemical and that it’s nothing to do with us can help to make recuperation clearer. “Mindfulness” is one of those buzzwords that is often touted these days but there’s a very good reason for this. It gives you an inherent awareness of the thoughts and emotions you are feeling. Once you start to realize that these are just thoughts and they can pass, this gives you more clarity. We also have to think about preserving our mental health much like we would our self-care, for example, if we spend a lot of time with people that are toxic or do things that aren’t good for us even though we know we shouldn’t do them.

When we start to feel like this there’s no one direct course of action. But these three pointers can certainly get you started on the road to recuperation.

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