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Wattpad Book: My Life Plan…Undone

Sharing a little bit of a life update with you guys this afternoon! If you follow me on here and/or social media regularly then you probably already know, but if you don’t, then I’m here to tell you that I’m writing a book on Wattpad! If you don’t know what Wattpad is, it’s a website and app that is filled with books and short stories. You can read and/or write on there. The stories have a wide range such as coming-of-age-novels, love, romance novel type books, supernatural, fan fiction, etc. I first heard of Wattpad a few years ago. Some of my students told me they were reading stories on there and I asked them what it was.

I kind of forgot about it until I read and wrote my book review for The QB Bad Boy and Me. I learned that the book started as a Wattpad book and then due to its immense popularity, it got published! There have been other Wattpad books that have gotten published and if you’ve seen The Kissing Booth on Netflix, that was also a Wattpad story! All of this was really inspiring to me.

So if you didn’t know, which most people don’t, I’ve always wanted to write a book. I always say I will, but I don’t. I’m always daydreaming ideas for storylines, but I’ve never gone through with writing an actual story out. When I did some research on the Wattpad website, I learned that on Wattpad you don’t need to have a book finished before posting it. People post 1 chapter at a time. It takes the pressure off for sure! You don’t feel like you need to have a completed look before sharing it with people. This format is perfect for me.

I have a few ideas for stories, but my first story is called My Life Plan…Undone. A few of my students helped me come up with the title after I told them the premise. It is a teen fiction story so if you are interested in those, then you may want to check it out!

Chaise LoungeMy Life Plan - Undone

You can see the blurb/premise in the screenshot above. I’m having so much fun writing the story! As of right now I have a Prologue and 5 chapters up and I’ve been getting good feedback, which I’m so thankful for. It can be nerve wracking to put your work out there just to have people criticize it.

But like I said, I’m really enjoying writing it. I’m constantly writing, rewriting, tweaking, editing, adding more detail. It’s been a nice process so far.

And now the most exciting part – it’s currently ranked #2 in the “Identity” category! I was flabbergasted and so excited when I saw! It had been in the 50s last week and then I think 70 a few days ago and I was still happy with that because there are 5,700 stories in that category. Then, I was looking at my page a few nights ago to reply to some comments and I saw the #2 ranking!! I was shocked!

If you’re interested in reading my teen fiction story, here is the link to my page . If you have Wattpad, my username is jamiemwong and if you don’t, but you’d like to read my ongoing book, it is free to sign up!

I mentioned earlier in this post that I have a Prologue and 5 chapters up. I’m trying to post about every other day, but that can always change. Last weekend I posted twice in one weekend because I knew the cliffhanger was driving people crazy. I’m not sure how many chapters this book is going to end up being, but I have a general idea of the events that will happen, so we’ll see!

Thank you to all who have been supporting me and thanks in advance to all of you who decide to read!

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