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Before you get any ideas, no, I’m not expecting a baby anytime soon! But I have quite a few friends with kids and I love looking at all the cute baby clothes when I buy them gifts. There are so many adorable outfits out there and seriously some things that I’m like “Um, I wish that came in my size!”

I find myself buying baby gifts a lot. Whether it’s a friend having a baby, a holiday gift, birthday gift, or just because. I feel like I’m buying baby clothes all the time.

One of the things I always consider when I’m buying clothing items for my baby friends is the brand. I try to avoid Carters. Why? Because everyone shops Carters so I’m always afraid to get them clothes that they already own! So I try to steer clear of them and look at other brands that are little less everywhere. That way there’s less of a chance that I’m buying them a repeat outfit. Although, funny story, I once bought my bff’s son the same outfit two years in a row! I knew the dinosaur tee and shorts looked familiar but I thought I had just seen it before. I didn’t realize I had bought it for him for his previous birthday until my friend told me! I think that’s totally not my fault though. You would think that the department store would not still be carrying the same exact clothes a year later!

Anyway, if you can manage it, it’s even better to get things from a baby boutique where the pieces are more unique and less mass produced. It’s something special for the baby and great quality. Boutiques like By George Baby offer lots of unique clothing and gifts.

Here are 5 gift ideas from the boutique!

  1. You can get some of the most beautiful and unique baby dresses in NJ like this adorable floral clover bunny dress


Seriously, how adorable is that dress?! Or this fun strawberry dress for a more casual, summer dress!


2. This precious swan sweater! This is an example of something I would wear if it came in my size! The colors are so pretty and the swan is perfect.


3. Llama pajamas. Need I say any more? I love llama prints and I will proudly share that I actually have Christmas llama pajamas.



4. Blankets. Baby blankets are a must! I have crocheted blankets for babies before but that takes a lot of time and planning. So if you want to do something easier or you’re not very crafty, then buying a blanket is a great option.

A star, moon and kite one like this one is so cute and can work for boys and girls.


And this jungle one is super cute too and perfect if you or your friend is going for an animal themed nursery.



5. Outerwear. Outerwear for babies, toddlers, and little kids is so cute! How adorable is it when you see a little toddler with a furry hooded jacket and boots?!

Look at this mermaid raincoat that By George Baby offers!



What’s also great about the clothing items at By George Baby is that a lot of them come in multiple sizes so if you’ve got more than one kid or your friend does and you want to buy matching clothes, there’s a good chance of that. For example, the floral clover bunny dress comes in sizes ranging from 12 months to size 6! Matching floral clover bunny dresses on a 2 year old and 5 year old? Adorable!

These are just some ideas for you for your next baby gift. There are always things like toys that you can get, but again you want to make sure they don’t already have it. It also depends on who you’re buying it for. I love the idea of giving toys, but I also hate to be the person to add to their toy clutter that they’re always complaining about! These are all safe choices and I’m not offering anything groundbreaking here! But, by shopping from a boutique you can avoid getting something that is going to be seen everywhere.

Since none of us are going out to the stores anytime soon with all of this social distancing, you can order online from By George Baby. And good news – they’re currently running a 20% off sale with code SPRING. You can get adorable items for a discount and who can say no to that?

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