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Have you ever had the little tiny cupcakes from Baked by Melissa? They make all different kinds of little tiny cupcakes that are literally like bite size pieces of heaven. I first went to the shop and tried their cupcakes years ago – I believe shortly after college and that’s a while ago. I think my friend told me about them because she had heard of the shop and so one day when we were in the city (New York City) we went. Anyway, I remember them being so delicious and Tie Dye being my favorite – still is!

Since that day that I first tried them, multiple locations have opened up and I have gotten them whenever I was in the city and passed a shop. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any. Then, I saw a post they had on Instagram about how they were still doing deliveries despite their shops being closed due to the pandemic. My best friend’s birthday was a week away and I thought it would be great to send her a birthday box of cupcakes since I can’t see her or give her birthday gifts right now! I also thought I would send some cupcakes to myself because – why not?! Especially during this time.

It was definitely a bright spot to my week when I got the package!

Baked by MelissaBaked by Melissa 1Baked by Melissa 2Baked by Melissa 3Baked by Melissa 4Baked by Melissa 5

I didn’t eat these all on my own, though I probably could’ve! I spread them out over a few days and gave a good amount to my parents.

I love the little card that says “It’s the little things”. I’m definitely trying to be grateful for the little things. I’ve heard numerous people talk about how their emotions and mood change all the time during this whole quarantine/social distancing thing. That the grief comes in waves. I can see that and I’ve felt it. It’s tough for everyone in all different ways and in some of the same ways. While I haven’t been bored yet since I’m pretty busy Monday-Friday working from home, I have felt pangs of loneliness. But I’m trying to bask in the little things and find some happiness in those things – like these delicious cupcakes!

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