It's Me Again - Carter

“It’s Me, Again” Love Triangle

A few weeks ago I wrote on here about my new book, It’s Me, Again , a YA love story. I haven’t finished writing it yet, but it’s getting closer to the end. I’ve got 25 chapters up and a new one going up this evening. I think there’ll be about 10 or so more chapters til the end.

Part of the story is a love triangle between my female main character, Kate, the male main character, Dylan (her ex-boyfriend), and her current boyfriend who is studying abroad, Carter.

It's Me Again - DylanIt's Me Again - Carter

Both of these little collage graphics I made feature quotes from chapters that have already been posted on Wattpad so I’m not giving anything away for future chapters! Who will Kate end up with? Read, to find out!  If you want to read, click (here). You need a Wattpad account, but it is free to make one!

I’ll let you all know when I’m finished with the book. Next up, a mystery thriller! That is, once I finish It’s Me, Again and actually start writing the mystery story.

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