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Tips To Reopen Your Business

Many family businesses are having a difficult year before COVID-19 even began. As retailers slowly being to shut down again after reopening for a few weeks, many of them must figure out a way to keep their workers and customers safe while also adhering to the guidelines that the government has put out and employment laws to keep their business afloat if they do decide that they need to shut down. Many family-owned retailers have been hit hard by the pandemic but they are practicing safety tips such as the ones below to ensure that the process of reopening can run as smoothly as possible. 

  1. Prepare Your Workspace – We all know that social distancing guidelines are in place by the CDC which requires all individuals to be at least six feet of space between one another. One way to help those that come to your store know where to go is by creating physical barriers in your store or office. This might require you to change the layout and create more space between workstations or communal spaces. Staggering shifts for your co-workers and employees is key and giving breaks to minimize any unnecessary interactions is key. You can also put down small spots for those that need to stand in line so people know where to be when waiting to check out. Also, try to have designated entrances and exists for your guests to use so people are not passing one another as they leave and come. Put up signs that show how to properly wear their mask and outwear along with offering extra equipment for hand sanitizing and hand washing if need be.

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  1. Hire A Professional Cleaning Company – This is a must when keeping everyone as safe as possible during the pandemic. If you are looking for a quality cleaning company to keep your employees and patrons feeling comfortable especially if you have high traffic and high touch areas throughout the office that can harbor germs and viruses, you want a company to help disinfect frequently and thoroughly. One such company is the New Jersey area is called FDC Cleaning Solutions. They offer services for various industries such as restaurants, commercial facilities, medical centers, hotels and spa, and more. Their staff is trained regularly to stay on top of all of the latest industry techniques and standards which can make you feel good about using them. This Monmouth County commercial office cleaning specialists will work with your business to create a reasonable and affordable package as well as provide superior cleaning.
  1. Minimize Contact Where You Can – One thing you can do to help minimize contact is to limit payment options to cards only. If you have customers who only pay cash, this touches a lot of hands and requires close contact. You might want to think about the cashless payment such as online payments or using cards only. Offer a pickup area in your store as well. If clients can stay in their cars or receive an email or text when their item is ready to go, they can just come in, grab their item off the rack and then be in and out. Another tip is putting safety seals on the bags. Restaurants used to put safety seals when packaging up orders so this can also be an idea to put anxious patrons at ease when they see this. Lastly, pick up or curbside is another idea to help keep everyone safe with less contact. Patrons can even choose if they want someone to bring it out of their car or just put it in their trunk for them without hands exchanged. 
  1. Be Patient – It is extremely frustrating to deal with customers who do not follow the rules of the state and our Government. Enforce these rules of wearing a mask with signs and sharing that your employees should do the same. If you have customers who do not abide by these rules, escort them out. Kill with kindness if you can. Everyone feels on edge and uneasy about what is happening so do your best to be as patient as you can. 

We don’t know when this pandemic is going to end and for some businesses, this might be the time that they need to close their doors when it comes time. For those that are trying to reopen your business and stay afloat during this troubling and scary time, do your best. Give yourself grace and keep your head high as we learn to navigate it together. Ask for advice, talk to your employees, and co-workers on how to market your business in a new way. We are all in it together. 

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