Book Review: Comanche

If you follow my book reviews on here then you may know that a good portion of the books I get sent come from Smith Publicity. I’m fortunate that they offer to send me so many great books. A while ago they sent me Comanche by Brett Riley. Usually they’ll email me about a book with information about it and I let them know if I’m interested or not. Comanche is not one that they had asked me about, but I got it in the email. They sent it to me accidentally. The funny thing is, based on the premise I might not have picked it out on my own, but I actually really enjoyed the book and kept wanting to read to find out how it would turn out.

The novel opens up back in 1887 in Comanche, Texas. The Piney Woods Kid is a young outlaw that was just gunned down and his body brutally massacred after his death.

Fast forward to 2016, people are mysteriously dying horrible deaths around the location of where The Kid’s body was disrespected. Not only that, but the people who are dying are descendants of the men responsible for his death and mutilation. Sounds like a vengeful spirit/ghost right?!

I won’t go into more detail about that because I don’t want to spoil things, but anyway the main character is Raymond Turner, a private detective from New Orleans. Still reeling from the tragic death of his wife a few years earlier, Raymond is trying to get his life back on track. His sister lives in Comanche and is the wife of the mayor who also happens to be one of the descendants. She asks him to come to Texas to look into these bizarre deaths.

Raymond, along with his partner Darrell LeBlanc and psychic associate Betsy McDowell, head to Comanche to try to figure out what’s going on and solve the mystery.

The story really hooked me in and I wanted to keep reading to find out if it was really a ghost or some elaborate setup. There was also a mention of the Winchesters and you know I love Supernatural! The only thing is I couldn’t read this at night because ghost things seriously freak me out, but other than that I really enjoyed the novel.

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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