Paper Heart Goodbyes

My mystery book, Paper Heart Goodbyes, on Wattpad is finished! I wrote about it on here about a month ago and now it is all done.


It was fun to write a mystery book for the fall. It was interesting figuring out how to drop clues and also some red herrings and see what people thought.

If you missed my original post, the story follows Tess, a recent college grad who is a budding investigative journalist. She loves podcasts on unsolved mysteries and hears about a serial killer in California that hasn’t been apprehended yet. This killer has been killing couples and leaving behind an origami heart splattered with the victims’ blood. She meets a a girl, Becky, around her age who is also really fascinated by the face and then become good friends. Tess flies to California to visit Becky and investigate with her for an upcoming newspaper article. Does Tess crack the case? Does something bad happen if she gets too close?

If you have been reading, thank you so much for the support and I hope you enjoyed the story! If you have plans to read, thanks in advance!

On a separate, but related note, I am working on a short story for Christmas with my main characters from my first book, My Life Plan…Undone. I’m hoping to get that up Christmas week. It’ll just be a fun little holiday story revisiting the characters from that book.

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