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DIY Flower Wall

A couple months ago I saw Julianna Claire on Instagram post about a DIY Flower Wall using faux flowers and wall safe tape. I thought it was so pretty and a genius idea so I made a mental note to try it myself in the spring. I went to Michael’s last week and got a small spray of faux pink flowers and some wall safe tape. Since the spray was made up of 9 pieces I didn’t have to buy more than one. I decided to make a scaled down version of Julianna’s since she did her whole entry wall and I was just doing the small wall space between my bedroom door and walk-in closet door.

I needed to use wire cutters to separate the flowers because the plastic coated wire so I couldn’t use regular scissors (I tried). Then I just taped the flowers up in rows of 3!

I love the way it turned out. It’s such a cute way to spruce up my room for spring!

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