Are you making these 4 blogging mistakes?

When it comes to the world of blogging, whether you use it as a source of income or not, there’s always going to be things that either get people flocking towards your blog while others stay away. 

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Blogging is a full-time job that requires hours of patience, dedication, creativity, commitment, sales skills and many more things.
People who choose to undertake blogging as their primary source of income will likely come across many problems that will cause a lot of bloggers to fail as they first begin. 

If you’re interested in blogging, you’ve probably read a lot of blogs in your time and taken note of all of the skills and talents that are being displayed on the blog from beautifully crafted websites, professional photography, audience engagement, and brilliant writing. 

Having observed all of this, you may also start to feel discouraged by what you see online. 

Something to remember is that those blogs may have taken many years to build up, and will have a range of people working alongside them helping them to maintain their image. 

So if you’re just starting out, you’re going to come across a fair few teething problems along the way.
This post will highlight some of them and talk you through what you can do to overcome them. 

  1. You don’t consider your readers’ online safety 

As a blog host, you should always strive to keep people in your online community safe and make them feel more in control of what they see and what information is shared about them. 

This should be your number one priority over everything else. 

Back in 2018, an EU privacy regulation came in to help to protect users’ data. This is still relevant to bloggers because a lot of their money will come from advertising and brands will want to reach a specific audience. 

Although most host sites will be compliant, it is still worthwhile to understand how you can do better to protect your audience’s data. GDPR means that visitors to your website will have to ‘opt in’ to give consent giving them control of what is marketed towards them.

It can be quite difficult to get your audience to agree to have their data used as a marketing tool, but the GDPR means that websites need to give users the opportunity to consent to their details being shared. However, some of Userzoom’s GDPR content marketing examples are a great place to start with knowing how to phrase things on your website. 

  1. You don’t have a clear topic for your blog

Having your own niche is really important, and should be one of the very first steps to consider before starting your own. 

Yes, most bloggers start their blog as an outlet for them to talk about what is going on in their lives, but if they then start writing SciFi fan fiction when their previous posts had all been about recipes and days out in the park, it’s going to come across a little odd to readers. 

You can have a range of interests, but consistency is going to be the thing that will bring you success while blogging and most blogs will fail due to the bloggers’ failure to narrow down the focus of their writing. 

Having a specific niche will help you to attract your specific audience. It will also help your blog to perform better on search rankings which will drive more people towards your blog- which is what you want! 

Understand it’s like erecting a building. When a builder first starts out, they choose the strongest bricks and take extra time to ensure that the foundations will be strong enough to withstand the weight of the rest of the building. That’s no different to blogging. When you start out, you need to build your focus so much so that the rest of the blog can sustain it. 

If you’re unsure where to start, think about all of the things that you love and are passionate about. Then select the areas that you think you could write lots about and then scope out other blogs that have a similar topic to yours. Think of ways to keep it interesting that keeps readers interested and wanting to come back. 

  1. You’re recycling other people’s ideas 

It’s hard to come up with original content all the time- especially when you’re lacking inspiration.
Sometimes it can feel as though whatever ‘fresh’ idea you come up with, you may have spent hours writing the perfect post, only to find that someone, somewhere has already done it before. Worst of all-it may even have been YOU recycling old ideas that you forgot you had. 

Plagiarism is a big problem that can threaten your blogging career. But how do you deal with it? 

One solution is to keep reading in order to broaden what you already know and to become more aware of what has already been said before. Stop and check your work whenever you feel suspicious about something. You can always use quotes from others as long as you site and reference what they said before.

If you’re still unsure, use an online plagiarism checker to see what percentage of your ideas are actually others. The good news is, there are several ways of expressing a viewpoint without directly ripping off the work of somebody else- so you can always paraphrase! 

  1. You’re not getting enough traffic 

You work hard to create engaging content with beautiful pictures and well-worded posts but nobody reads them.

How do you get people to read and engage with your content regularly?
Besides working on your blog page’s SEO content, you can invite people to write guest posts for your blog, buy advertising for a similar blog, or make the effort to write about up to the minute trends in your blog’s niche. 

And finally, get yourself active on your social media pages. Promote your blog posts on your personal social media is not a bad place to start, but as people start to read your blog, you should consider opening pages linked to those accounts to keep engaging with your readers. 

Blogging is not an ‘easy way to make money’ but it is a great opportunity for you to get paid for writing about what you care about. 

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