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Another Low Key Birthday

Another birthday during the Covid era. Last year I wore the same thing I wore the year before because I felt like it didn’t really count as a year going by since we were all stuck at home for months and months. This year I’m still not doing anything since things aren’t exactly back to normal yet and also I literally can’t do anything since I’m recovering from surgery. I haven’t been able to wash my hair since Thursday. It’s going to be at minimum another week before my stitches come out, probably longer. So yeah, definitely not the ideal birthday. I think because of all this it doesn’t even feel like my birthday. Usually I’m a little excited if I’m doing something fun with my friends or dreading it because I’m another year older. But this year just seems like any other day – maybe because I literally am just hanging around at home and can’t even take a proper shower.

I also wanted to take a live Peloton class on my birthday to see if the instructor would give me a birthday shoutout but I’m not cleared to exercise! Maybe next year.

I had a little family birthday dinner last week since I knew I’d be in recovery for my actual birthday. I made a Reel, which I’m posting today on Instagram. I had this idea to wear a sequin and tulle dress that I wore to a wedding a few years ago, have my birthday cake in front of me on the floor, and twinkle lights all set to “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To”. I’m not actually crying, but I thought it was too good of a song and situation to pass up for a laugh.

Dress: ASOS (here)

I found my dress still in stock, but in the maxi dress version. The one I have, which is a few years old, is a midi length. It will be perfect for a fall or winter wedding if you’re in the market!

Anyway, this year has not been the easiest. A weird and stressful work/school year, coming down with Covid, spending the summer dealing with my ear issue, having surgery, recovering from surgery. But I’ve gotten through it all so here’s hoping that this new year for me will be full of all good things!

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