• Birthday Flowers

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    Birthday Flowers

    Today is my birthday and to tell you the truth, in recent years I have not felt like making a big deal out of my birthday. I don’t love the idea of getting another year older. For my birthday this year I hung out with friends yesterday to do a belated celebration for a friend, an early celebration for me, and a really belated celebration for a few other friends who had birthdays in the past 1-2 months but were unable to celebrate due to lockdown. We went to Top Golf in the morning and I actually wasn’t too bad! Then, we hung out for the rest of the day. Today,…

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    Birthday Thoughts & #fbf Hot Air Balloons

    For my birthday, dozens of hot air balloons were released from an airfield in New Jersey. Just kidding! These photos are from the annual New Jersey Balloon Festival a few weeks ago, but I am telling the truth that it is my birthday today. In recent years I have had very mixed feelings about my birthday. I’m, of course, grateful for another year, but do not love getting older. This year, while only 3/4 done, has been full of ups and downs like most years. I started the year off with all positive vibes and I even wrote numerous blog posts about how I was doing this whole positive vibes…

  • Summer Graphic Tee + Peach Skater Skirt

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    Summer Graphic Tee + Skater Skirt

    It’s my birthday! I haven’t really enjoyed celebrating my birthday for the past couple years because I dislike the idea of getting older. I still haven’t embraced the whole getting older thing. And with the state of affairs in the country lately it doesn’t exactly have me jumping up and down to celebrate. But, nonetheless, it is my birthday and despite being another year older, I’m sharing a youthful look today! Earlier in the summer I found a dress I really wanted from Forever 21 and while on the website I decided to browse the sale section to see if there was anything else I wanted. I found this cute…

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    Birthday Reflections

    Today is my birthday and honestly I’ve been dreading it all summer. Whenever people would kindly remind me that my birthday was coming up, I would either begrudgingly agree or completely disagree and say I didn’t know what they were talking about. I used to enjoy celebrating my birthday, but those were back in the carefree days of my youth (here I go talking like I’m ancient). Honestly, I think once you hit a certain age, it’s just not the same. No offense to those people who are my age or older that still celebrate their birthdays like there’s no tomorrow – I wish I shared the same sentiment! Maybe…

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    Birthday Style

    My birthday was yesterday. The day was pretty relaxing and I was showered with birthday wishes throughout the day so overall the day and my birthday weekend in general was a good one. But honestly, I was not handling the days leading up to my birthday too well! Another year older and not exactly what I pictured my life to be like if you asked me years ago or even if I could describe my dream life to you at the moment. So after a few days spent wallowing last week, I woke up with a renewed sense of purpose over the weekend. I’ve decided to spend this year trying to…

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    Birthday OOTD

    For me, as I get older, celebrating birthdays have taken on a different meaning. It’s less about a day or night to celebrate me (and I mean that in the least conceited way possible) and more about an excuse to get together with good friends you don’t get to see all the time anymore. I recently celebrated my birthday and kept it low key for a few reasons. One being that I had just gotten home from Hawaii that afternoon and the other being that I didn’t feel like making a big spectacle of my birthday, but instead just wanted to go out for drinks at a local restaurant/bar. Gone are…