Book Review: Birthday Kisses

It’s my birthday! As I get older, I don’t particularly like celebrating my birthday, but I’m trying to be better about it because I know it’s a blessing to grow older.

Earlier this year I read and loved A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime by Monica Murphy so when I found out that she had written a holiday novella called Birthday Kisses about Wren’s birthday which happens to be on Christmas, I knew I wanted to read it for my birthday.

I had to wear one of my favorite dresses and make some lemon bars for the occasion!

The novella is a quick read at only about 40 pages and lets us revisit Crew and Wren a few years after getting married and now with a baby! I loved revisiting this couple that I love so much and seeing them as adults since their novel was about them as seniors in high school at Lancaster Prep.

Anyway, the novella takes place at Christmas time and Wren’s birthday is on Christmas. They have a young baby and hardly any time alone so when Grant and Alyssa offer to take the baby for a night and also booked a hotel, dinner reservations, and a spa day for Wren they take them up on it.

I loved this glimpse of them in the future and also of Grant and Alyssa too! I wish Finn was in it and I really wish Monica Murphy would write a book about him, but I know she said she isn’t sure she will write one for him.

Overall, really enjoyed this novella and wish I could read more about Crew and Wren!

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