New Short Story: Cursed Whispers of Scydelle

I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. Last week I got a notification on Wattpad that a fantasy contest would be ending in a few days. It’s been a while since I’ve entered a writing contest. I’m still chasing the excitement of making it to the Top 10 of the Home Before Dark contest from last year. I looked at the prompts and I decided on a whim to write a story to submit. It is called “Cursed Whispers of Scydelle”.

The prompt was about a cursed dagger in the kingdom of Scydelle. Teenagers in the kingdom aren’t allowed out at night because of the dagger. It is searching for a new master and you start to hear it calling your name.

So I used the prompt to write a story about a teenage girl named Penelope who is itching to be able to go out after sunset. The history of the dagger gets explained and how it has blessed Scydelle, but at a steep price. Penny starts to hear her name being called by the dagger and she needs to decide what to do.

The story is really short since the maximum amount of words allowed was 1,500. I think I spent more time editing it down from 2,200+ words to under 1,500 than I did writing it to begin with! I’ve been doing my annual rewatch of the Harry Potter movies and it took me the entire Prisoner of Azkaban movie to edit it down. Basically, a lot of my descriptive sentences had to get cut.

I hope you’ll check out the story! You can click here to read it. Just a reminder Wattpad is free to use!

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