“It’s Me, Again” – Finished

I’ve written on here twice before (here and here) about my 2nd and latest YA novel, It’s Me, Again. I just finished writing the book and I posted the final chapter and epilogue last night!

I can’t believe it’s done. I’m really happy with the story. There was a point halfway through that I got tired of it, but I kept pushing on and I’m glad I did. I started writing this book shortly after I finished my first book, My Life Plan…Undone and spent most of the summer writing. It took me about 3 months to finish writing this one.

If you missed my previous posts about the book, let me do a quick recap of what it’s about.

The book is told from two different points of view – Kate and Dylan. They are both 21 and grew up together/were in a serious relationship for years. Things take a turn when they are freshman in college. 2 years later, Kate is in a car accident and she loses 2 years of her life in her memory. The one person in town/at college that she remembers? Dylan, her ex.

One of my inspirations for the story was Halsey and Marshmello’s song “Be Kind”. If you read the book and listen to the song it might make sense to you!

The novel has great friendships, a love triangle, self-discovery, international travel. So much going on!

Thank you to everyone who has read it and thank you in advance to anyone planning to read it! I appreciate you all more than you know!

I’m dedicating the book to one of my closest friends, Kate, who is the namesake of the main female protagonist!

So what’s next? I’m brainstorming and outlining a mystery novel! My first two novels were YA so I thought mystery would be a nice change. Plus, I want to explore other genres to see what I’m best at/most comfortable writing.

By the way, my typewriter tee is old, but I found some really cute similar ones!

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