Having Fun with Reels

If you follow my Instagram regularly then you know I’ve been having a lot of fun making Reels. If you don’t know what Reels are they are short videos. Basically Instagram’s version of TikTok, which I don’t have. My interest in Reels began back in the spring when I started my roller skating journey. I always thought Reels were a lot of fun to watch, but I never thought I’d have anything to make myself. That is until I started making roller skating Reels to show my progress. Once I started to get confident in creating those I finally felt comfortable and inspired enough to make other kinds of Reels – food, clothes, lifestyle etc.

Making Reels has really re-inspired me and my creativity. I’m nowhere near being amazing at making them. I always see such cool ideas and there are so many people out there that make incredible ones with the most amazing transitions. I’m not that good, but I am having fun putting them together, adding music, and so on. Some of them I’ve been able to edit in a way that the transitions look pretty good. I’m proud of myself for teaching myself how to do them!

Making Reels has made me feel extra creative. I blog, write fiction, and other little things here and there, but Reels fills another little empty space in my creativity. I’ve linked to a few of my favorite non-skating Reels below!

Of course I love all the Reels I make, some more than others, but those are handful of ones I especially love. I have lots more ideas for Reels (the creative juices seem to be flowing) in the coming weeks and when the holidays approach!

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