My New Book: I’m Still Here

I had big plans to write all summer. I was going to spend my summer writing a lot. I was going to work on a new Wattpad story and finally get started on a princess adventure comedy that I’ve been slowly plotting for months. But, that didn’t happen. I wrote briefly about this in another post last month but I thought I’d do a little update.

I finished writing my last Wattpad story, Something Sweet, in late spring and meant to take a few weeks break then start my summer projects. The school year/work ended and I ended up going to urgent care the night of the last day of school and so began my health saga that took up my entire summer. I also had family visit two days after school ended and by the time they left and I was in the midst of my health issue and sorting out my surgery etc. I just had no motivation to write. I had some ideas, but couldn’t bring myself to actually write.

But, I really wanted to. So I forced myself to start and I decided to start my Wattpad story, I’m Still Here, and put the princess adventure comedy on hold since that’s the story I really want to put a ton of effort in and one day query. I figured I’d use I’m Still Here to get myself back into writing mode and back into the habit of writing regularly and back into a routine. Writing this story plus writing/entering a fantasy short story contest at the last minute (and being one of the winners!) has helped get me back on track though the words aren’t flowing as easily as they have in the past. But, any progress is progress I suppose!

I have 11 chapters up now of I’m Still Here and I’m more than halfway done writing it now (I’m in the middle of writing Ch. 20). The plan is to have it all finished and up later this fall and then really focus on my princess story.

The premise of I’m Still Here:

Caitlin Wu is a senior in high school. It's the final weeks of school and she's got a great boyfriend, a best friend, and a nice group of friends. While out with her friends on Cinco de Mayo, she falls down a flight of stairs, and ends up in the hospital in a coma. Guided by an angel, Caitlin spends the next few weeks having an out-of-body experience and learning more about her life, friends, and relationships than she ever could while conscious.

Anyway, that’s my little update. My next update will be when it’s all done! Click here if you want to check out the story!

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