Fall Flower Picking

Yesterday I shared the ivory & burgundy floral dress I wore to Holland Ridge Farms to pick flowers and today I’m actually writing about my time there.

I asked my mom a while ago if she wanted to go to the farm for the u-pick sunflowers they have there. We went a few years ago for the tulips, but I’ve never gone in the fall when they have the sunflowers, dahlias, mums, and more. You have to buy tickets ahead of time so I waited until Friday evening to make sure the weather would be good. We got lucky with great weather and enjoyed walking around the flower fields. It was all so pretty and colorful! I mentioned yesterday that I really wanted to see the sunflower fields but I’m personally not a fan of sunflowers so I didn’t cut any for myself. We did cut a few to give to my brother and his fiancée who we would be seeing later that evening. I did cut some of the other flowers for myself to fill a vase at home though.

There were food trucks and picnic tables, but the choices didn’t look amazing. I ended up just getting chicken fingers and fries from one of the trucks, but they weren’t that good. I think they have different food trucks daily though so yuo might have better luck than I did!

You can pick any of the flowers except the mums. They have clippers and buckets for you to collect the flowers. It was also pretty easy to do. The hard part was picking out the flowers you want and finding ones that were good i.e. leaves look good, not going to die as soon as you get home, etc.

They also have pre-cut flowers. My mom bought a bouquet of lilies that hadn’t opened up yet and they opened the next day in her vase. They are huge and gorgeous. The farm also has their bakery open if you want to pick up some baked goods!

I’m glad I got to go. It was a great fall day with lots of pretty flowers!

Update: here’s a Reels I made of my afternoon there!

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