Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkins

Halloween is 10 days away, can you believe it? This year I wanted to decorate some pumpkins and I actually had a few different ideas, but when I saw these kits at Target I thought they looked cute and much easier than any of my other ideas. What’s easy about these kits is that it comes with everything you’ll need minus the pumpkin. The paint, sponge, and plastic face pieces are included in the package. Target had a bunch of different options like unicorns, Baby Yoda, etc. I saw the Jack Skellington one and then the Sally one and decided to do a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

I picked up two pumpkins from a local farm stand that weren’t too big or too small or too lumpy. After cleaning them off, I painted the pumpkins with their respective colors. When doing this with my cousin we realized we totally should’ve bought the white pumpkins and saved ourselves some of the work because it is hard to cover up orange! It took multiple coats to cover up most of the orange and then I just accepted the fact that it would never be totally opaque and I’m fine with that. I let it dry over night and then the next day I marked where to stick the face pieces. I tried to use a screwdriver to stab the holes in order to stick the plastic in, but it was hard so I had to have my dad help me and use his drill.

It was a really fun little project and I loved the way they turned out!

P.S. I’ve linked to my Halloweentown sweatshirt along with the pumpkin decorating kits!

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