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Tips on Finding Problems that Need Attention in the Home

No one likes to think that their home has any issues. The house is a sanctuary, our place of relaxation closed off from the madness of the outside world. So, when we discover a problem that will cause some upheaval, it can be a little like a nightmare. That is why it is in your best interest to be on the lookout for issues so that you can stay on top of them. By being vigilant, you will be able to mitigate any damage and avoid greater costs. Here are some things you need to be aware of:

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Peeling Paint

Although not always a cause for concern, peeling or blistering paintwork could be an indication that there is a much bigger problem afoot. Before you get the paint can and paintbrush out, you may want to do a little investigation into what causes the paint to peel. There could be a chance that you have a leak and left unattended. Not only will the paint peel again, but it could cause some structural damage to the wall and any woodwork nearby. If you feel any damp there at all, call a plumber. 

Sloping Floors

Sloping floors is generally not a good sign, especially if they used to be dead level. You may well have an issue with one of the joists holding ht house up. Perhaps it has shifted or been damaged in some way. There could even be a chance that it is subsidence, although generally speaking, the whole house would be wonky. Nevertheless, get an engineer out to have a look at the sloping floor and determine just what exactly the problem is. 

Doors that No Longer Close 

Doors that used to close with no problem but suddenly become stuck or won’t close caused be a warning sign that something has shifted in the structure of your house. One of the potential reasons for this may be expanding clay soil. When clay soil gets rain-soaked, it expands, and this can cause it to apply pressure to the foundations of your home, which can make them shift. There may be other reasons behind your doors suddenly not being able to close anymore, like the settling of your home, which is generally a normal process. However, it is definitely worth your while having the problem seen to be a contractor so they can rule out anything serious. 

Mud Tubes 

If you see any strange tunnel or tube-like structures appearing on the foundation of your 

home, you may well have a termite problem. Termites love eating the wooden structure of your home and can be hard to detect as they live under the ground. The mud tubes that you may see on the foundations or inside the crawl space are created by them to go from place to place while remaining hidden and in a moisture-rich place. If you see any of these mud tubes, then you need to be proactive as your home may already have significant damage. A pest control company will be able to help.

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