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Make Your Home Sparkle and Shine With a Few Simple Additions

The start of the year always makes you feel inspired, raring to go and ready to make a big change. This time around your home is due a serious makeover and you want to gather as much inspiration as possible before you get started. You envision a sparkling, shining and sophisticated atmosphere that oozes personality. There may be certain areas of your home that need a little extra attention, such as the garden, furniture or even the finer details. No matter what your focus is, there are so many simple additions that can make a huge difference to your home. Consider some of the following ideas and you will soon have a moodboard bursting with brilliant ideas for your beautiful abode.

The Perfect Patio

As well as turning your home into an aesthetically pleasing place to live, you may always be thinking about saving money and conserving energy. The doors that lead from your home to your garden could be causing you to lose heat from your house. Investing in energy efficient patio doors will not only give your space a much needed makeover, but you will also start saving money in the long run. With brand new, shiny patio doors your home will be one step closer to your dream dwelling.

Soothing Shades

The color schemes in your home can have a huge impact on your mood, so it may be time to reconsider your theme. Bright, overbearing shades can cause you to feel overstimulated or stressed, so why not opt for lighter tones such as beiges, pastels and grays. By choosing a base color which is neutral and calming, you have scope to add brighter accessories to match your personality.

Amazing Aromas

You would be amazed at how impactful smells can be around the home; they’re an instant mood lifter and they create a welcoming atmosphere. You can infuse beautiful scents by using diffuser reeds, candles and plug-in air fresheners. Rotating the scents through the seasons will also help your home to stay fresh and on trend. For example, you can enjoy a pumpkin spiced aroma for the fall or a gingerbread smell for the holiday season. There are so many wonderful scents for you to choose from, so it’s completely up to you to discover your favorite.

Smart Soft Furnishings

The addition of a chic rug, beautiful curtains or comfortable cushion can completely transform the entire vibe of a room. Introducing some smart soft furnishings is the ideal place to begin if you’re looking for simple changes that don’t break the bank. You can play with the interior design you already have or start from scratch depending on your end goal for the room. Color pops with cushions on a sofa or a neutral rug in a brightly colored space are the ideal ways to make your home sparkle and shine.

Magical Mirrors

It’s no secret that the addition of mirrors into a room can make it feel a whole lot bigger than before. Even if you already have a large space, mirrors are extremely pleasing to the eye and they can work wonders when trying to add brightness and sparkle. You can choose from full length mirrors and framed mirrors which can complement your current decor.

Super Space

If you’re looking to save space around your home there are so many brilliant ways to incorporate storage into your home. There are a number of different clever hacks to create more storage space in certain rooms of your home. For example, beds with storage underneath are invaluable, especially if you’re looking for a place to store things you don’t need regular access to. Footstools in your home can also be the ideal way to hide books, DVDs, photo albums and other possessions that you don’t want to display on shelves. If you’re ready to invest in new pieces of furniture, consider how you can use them for storage in the future; you will thank yourself in months to come!

With all of these ideas in mind, you are well equipped to make some beautiful changes to your home this year. Going through interior design changes can be overwhelming, so make sure you take your time with each step. You want to make sure you do the job right rather than rushing through the process. If you’re wondering where to start, you could always turn to an interior designer to provide you with some expert advice. Enjoy the process of upgrading your home to a smart, shiny and sophisticated space in 2022!

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