Peloton Annual Challenge 2021 Results

If you’ve read any of my Peloton blog posts then you probably know I took part in the 2021 annual challenge, which counts the minutes of your workouts. It was my first time doing it since I just got my bike around Labor Day 2020. I wasn’t sure how many minutes I’d accomplish so I was really happy to log in more than 5,000 minutes! 5,148 minutes to be exact!

Waffle Henley: Aerie (here) | Leggings: Aerie (here)

I’m really happy with how many minutes I completed! A majority of the minutes were from the bike, but I did do some strength, yoga, and walking. I definitely want to do more of the off-bike workouts this year.

My goal is to surpass 5,148 minutes for the 2022 annual challenge. I think I’ll be able to do it barring any unforeseen circumstances since in 2021 I missed workout days due to Covid and surgery/recovery from surgery.

Here’s to a productive fitness year!

By the way, I’m also wearing the matching sports bra to the leggings in the photos above and I will link to it below!

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