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Creating A More Inviting Entry Way

Although we do like the idea of having a home front entry look stunning for other people, we should also feel that it is beautiful to us. So when you are making changes to the outside of your home, make sure that it brings you joy to look at.

Creating the entry of your dreams that doesn’t need to be expensive or take very long. All that matters is that coming home feels like a pleasure. 

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Front door

Of course, the front door should be one of the first things you think about upgrading. It changes the whole shape of your home pretty quickly, and you can play around with colors, textures, and shapes.

A beautiful new entry door Is a work of art. You can swap out things and add glass panels to welcome more natural light into your home even if the door is closed. 

Another thing often associated with the front door is your house number. If you don’t have your house number on your front door, you might consider adding it. You can change those boring flat ones into something with a little bit color, and you can even create a flower planter!

There’s no end to what you can create regarding entryway house numbers. 

Plant pots

If you don’t have much in the way of the front garden, even if you add giant brightly colored plant pots, it can be an exquisite touch. They can sit on either side of your door and frame it so that anybody who is in your entry will be surrounded by big beautiful flowers, all well kept small shrubs.

You can go the extra mile here if you want to and have some flowers and herbs that react well to warm and balmy days. Things like lemon verbena, jasmine, and lavender work very well. These are welcoming scents that everyone can enjoy.


Almost every home has smart technology, and your front door doesn’t need it to be any different. Technology can include the doorbell, hardware, locks, security cameras, and even the lighting.

You can quickly and easily keep track of who is at your door and any packages that have been delivered with a smart doorbell that offers video service. 

The video will come straight through to your phone, so you can choose whether to answer the door or leave the person standing there. This is particularly useful in areas with either a high crime rate or a lot of door-to-door salespeople.


Depending on the house’s design size, you might have a little bit of spacer by your front door. If this is the case and safe and comfortable enough to do so, you can add some tables and chairs. 

It is not only joy in the evening or to drink your morning coffee, but it looks incredible. You can add even more plant pots and other fantastic outdoor accessories to the area to make it even more welcoming.

Window boxes

Can you have front-of-house windows adding window boxes, which can be a charming touch? Choose boxes made for the outdoors and are deep enough to grow the plant’s roots. Some great options are chili peppers, ivy, mint, and other herbs.

Window boxes are also a great place to have wildflowers if you don’t have much in the way of a back or front garden. These are great for the environment, and warm means that little bumblebee friends have a place to stop.


Getting some low-voltage landscape lighting can significantly impact your front garden and the entryway to your home. It also offers a little bit of safety and security since it lights the pathway up to the front door. 

And means that you can see people coming as they walk along the path.

Landscape lighting will run perfectly well on solar power cover, but if you’re looking for something with a little bit of a brighter impact, it can be better to have a set of lighting that requires wiring. 

The outside of your home can be as personalized to you as you like. Hand making the house numbers, planting the seed of flowers and herbs that you enjoy the most – and ensuring it is safe too. 

Consider the front of your house as an extension of your interior, and you never know what you might come up with! 

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