Book Review: Preternatural

Today, I’ve got a double book review for you – the first two books in the Preternatural trilogy. I don’t think the third book has been released yet, but I was sent the first two books last year.

Preternatural follows a few different characters in a town called Meadowsville. The town is home to the popular urban legend/myth of Mr. Smith, a figure that terrorizes the town and its people. However, the town also thrives off of Mr. Smith – a vampire-like creature – enjoying the good business from the tourists the legend brings, despite the murders. Mr. Smith, or Blackheart, and the town have a unspoken agreement with each other that has lasted decades, until David, a teenage boy, falls under Blackheart’s manipulative spell and then tries to go against him.

Preternatural Evolution picks up in Meadowsville 15 years after the conclusion of the first book. Most of the town has left and the town is trying to rebuild and forget about Blackheart. But, Christian, Blackheart’s main enemy in the first book, cannot forget about it. In fact, he is often made fun of because he won’t let go. But, maybe he’s right to think Blackheart and his hold on the town isn’t completely gone.

The books were really quick reads as the chapters were short and both books were under 200 pages. I thought the premise of the books was interesting, but I wasn’t very invested in the story. I think because I didn’t latch on to any of the characters. I didn’t feel for any of them or particularly like/love any of the characters so it was hard to really get into the story and become invested in it. Blackheart is essentially a vampire, but the books are more about the idea of good and evil and actually takes a bit of a religious spin since one of the main characters is a minister. Blackheart embodies fear and also a test from God, in a way, so it’s not very vampire-y and more just this idea of an evil entity if that makes sense.

Anyway, I didn’t love the books, but I thought the premise was interesting! You may like the books and again they are quick reads, but they just weren’t my favs.

*These books were sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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