12 Cool Ways To Accessorize Your Car Interior

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There are all kinds of fun accessories that you can add to your car interior. Some of these can have practical advantages, while others are purely cosmetic. Below are just 12 of the best car interiors accessories worth looking into. 

Phone holder

Trying to use GPS while driving when you haven’t got a phone holder can be tricky and potentially dangerous. A phone holder helps to keep your device firmly in place and allows you to easily glance at the screen. Different phone holders have different ways of attaching – some attach to the windscreen, while others attach to the air con grill. Consider the most convenient option for you (and make sure that it’s able to fit your model of phone). 

Seat covers

Seat covers can help to protect your seat from getting dirty or damaged. They can also be a fun way of customizing the look of your seats. You can choose from existing seat cover designs or look into bespoke options. Make sure that you choose a seat cover that is designed to fit your model.

Floor mats

Floor mats can help to keep the footwells of your car clean as well as potentially being a fun cosmetic feature. As with seat covers, there are many different designs that you can buy, including custom designs. Check out online auto parts stores to compare different floor mat designs. Floor mats are typically quite cheap to buy.

Sports pedals

You could also consider replacing your pedals. Sports pedals are designed to reduce weight and offer a firm grip. They could be a worthwhile accessory to add if you like racing. Even if you have no plans of going to any track events, they could still be a fun way to personalize your vehicle. 

Gearstick mods

There are also many cool ways to modify your car’s gearstick. This includes gearstick knobs shaped like soccer balls, skulls, pokeballs and even comic book character heads. This includes covers that slide over the gearstick and complete gearstick replacements (the latter can be a bit more costly, but could allow you to explore more fun options).

Steering wheel cover

Steering wheel covers are a fun way to spice up your steering wheel. These can be bought in all kinds of colors and patterns, and can easily slip onto the wheel (make sure to buy one suited to the size and shape of your wheel). You can even go one step further and replace the entire wheel to give you more design options (this will have to be done by a professional). 

Car bin

Car bins are useful accessories for keeping your car clean. These accessories typically attach to either the center console or the back of the seat. They’re very useful if you’ve got messy kids or if you like to eat in your car.

Air fresheners

Air fresheners can help to keep your car smelling nice. These typically hang from the rear mirror, although some can also be fitted to the air con grill. Take your time exploring all kinds of different designs and scents. You can even look into seasonal scents such as freshly mown grass scents in the summer and cinnamon and teakwood in the winter. 


Lots of people like to upgrade their car speaker system to provide better quality music listening. The most common place to put additional speakers is in the trunk, although you can install them pretty much anywhere in your car. Make sure to hire an expert to install these.

Dash cam

A dash cam could be a cool feature for recording video footage of your car journeys. On top of capturing various unusual sights on the road, you can also record evidence of any potential incidents to use when making an insurance or legal claim. Dash cams are typically placed on the dashboard, but you can also position them facing behind you or even into the car. 

Dashboard toys

There are all kinds of dashboard toys that you can buy ranging from bobbleheads to glow-in-the-dark ornaments. You can also buy ornaments to hang from the rear mirror. These can be another fun way to personalize your car interior.

Window stickers

You could also look into car window stickers. Some of these are designed to fit on the outside of your windows, while others are designed to fit on the inside. These could include anything from fun messages to images. 

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