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7 Surprisingly Affordable Ways To Make Your Home More Liveable

Given all the modern technology we have, our homes should be highly livable places. Conducting family life successfully should be virtually effortless. 

However, as many of us know, it doesn’t always work out that way. In fact, our homes are often considerably less livable than we would like. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways you can improve your house to make it more livable, without breaking the bank. Check out our ideas below:

Replace Your Shower Doors

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Replacing shower doors isn’t particularly expensive but it can make a big difference in how your home feels. Old shower doors look tacky and don’t always open and close easily. Modern versions, however, are considerably better and always function properly. 

Installing new shower doors is actually something you can do yourself if you have the right tools. If not, you can hire a handyman to come and do it for you at a low cost. 

Install Weather-Stripping

Keeping the elements out of your home is fundamental to making it more livable. If water can get into your basement, loft spaces, or even living room, then it can make conditions highly unpleasant. 

Installing weather-stripping is a great option. With tape in place, you can prevent water from penetrating and keep all the spaces in your home dry. Furthermore, you can make your property last longer and reduce maintenance costs. Keeping water out reduces damage and keeps your property in a better condition for when you come to sell in the future. 

Seal Your Deck

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While you can get a composite deck that lasts a long time without any treatment, most deck is made of wood. And, as a natural product, it is prone to degradation over time.

Sealing your deck, however, is easy, and something that you can do yourself. Just go to your local DIY store and grab the appropriate tin of sealer and apply it to your deck, following the instructions. The application shouldn’t take much longer than a morning’s work. 

Once you’ve applied the sealant, you can also apply stain to the deck. The stain will protect both the sealant and the underlying wood from UV damage, avoiding dulling which can affect the deck after a couple of years. 

Install New Railings

Installing new at the front of your property is inexpensive and provides it with an immediate, cheap visual upgrade. You can turn a regular-looking property into a swanky upmarket estate just by asking professionals to change the appearance of your boundary, particularly in the front yard. 

Go for wrought iron railings if you can. Also, see if anyone is selling antique railings in your area. These often have stunning designs and are more affordable than buying new ones. Many antique railings come from refurbished properties where the owners no longer wanted them. 

Add New Patio Doors

While your existing patio doors perform a useful function, they’re not always ideal. Many still create an artificial separation between your indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Renewal by Andersen windows and doors are good examples of what’s possible with modern design. Patio doors, for instance, don’t need to have a step down to the patio below. What’s more, you can get doors that extend along the entire rear of your home, opening up the garden space in new ways, and encouraging you to use it more. 

Swap Out Your Old Door Knobs For New Ones

Door knobs might seem like minor home accessories, but they can make a tremendous difference in how it feels. Older, damaged knobs affect your experience every time you enter a room, while newer, better-designed versions make you feel like your home has had a major upgrade.

The choice of doorknobs in today’s market is extensive. Metal options are the most common. However, there are also enamel versions, some of which come with beautiful designs and patterns. 

Add Shelves And Organizers

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Sometimes the biggest issue in your home isn’t the fixtures and fittings: it’s the clutter. When household possessions are piled up in every direction, homes become less livable and nearly impossible to clean. 

The trick here is to add shelves and organizers to your space, particularly in the most cluttered rooms, like the living room and kitchen. Well-organized open shelving gives your home an entirely new vibe and makes you feel better about the space. It reduces stress while, at the same time, allowing you to clean it more easily. 

In summary, don’t underestimate how much simple changes like these can improve your quality of life. Making your home more livable improves your mood daily. 

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