Is It Time You Took A Break From Painkillers?

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Prescription and over-the-counter medication can be very effective at treating pain for many people. However, they are not the best form of pain relief for everyone. From allergic reactions to withdrawal symptoms, there are many negative side effects that certain people may experience. Knowing when to take a break from painkillers and try other options is important. This post explains more. 

Signs you should stop taking painkillers

There are a few instances where you may want to stop taking painkillers: 

  • You’re experiencing allergy symptoms such as flushing, itchy rashes, a runny nose or asthma after taking a painkiller (aspirin is the most common culprit).
  • Painkillers are making you drowsy and unable to carry out work or other duties.
  • Painkillers are causing severe constipation or other digestive problems.
  • You’ve developed liver issues and you do not drink a lot of alcohol.
  • You’re not in pain but you feel compelled to take painkillers due to withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and restlessness (this is more common with opioid painkillers).

How should you relieve pain instead?

There are many ways to relieve pain without medication if you are experiencing unwanted side effects. These could be worth exploring if you are experiencing pain.

Herbal pain relief could be worth looking into. Turmeric, ginger and devil’s claw are all herbal ingredients that are renowned for their inflammatory properties. Consider trying these to see what impact they have – you can usually buy them at any local herbal pharmacy.

CBD is another ingredient that many people swear by as a form of pain relief. This is an extract from the cannabis plant. You can find CBD stores online.

On top of herbal painkillers, it could be worth considering pain relief treatments like massages, chiropractics and acupuncture for certain types of pain. Many people find these treatments to be effective, even if they do not have the same scientific backing that medication does. Always seek treatment from a qualified professional.

There could be other ways to fight pain at home. For example, taking a hot bath can be an effective form of pain relief against many forms of inflammation. Ice packs can also help when easing pain from fresh injuries. 

Learning to take painkillers in moderation

Many of the negative side effects of painkiller medication usage are due to excessive usage. It is essential that you do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage when taking painkillers. At the same time, you shouldn’t use the maximum recommended dosage as a target unless you’re truly in a lot of pain – regularly taking painkiller medication at the maximum dosage can cause problems in the long run. 

By learning to use painkillers as a last resort and not a solution to all mild aches and pains, you can avoid abusing painkillers and reduce the risk of any unwanted side effects. If you experience chronic pain, it could benefit you to explore other forms of pain relief. If you are not sure whether your painkiller usage is a problem, talk to a doctor to get their opinion.   

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