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5 Ways To Dress For Comfort Without Sacrificing Style

5 Ways To Dress For Comfort Without Sacrificing Style 

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Do you feel like dressing in modern society is becoming too demanding? So many fashion rules to look out for and color combinations and coordination to keep in mind when all you want is to wear something that feels comfortable on your skin without looking out of place. If you love to feel comfortable in your clothes but are worried about looking questionable, the following tips can help you dress for comfort without sacrificing style

  1. Start from what’s underneath

Regardless of what you’re wearing outside or how comfortable your clothes feel, you should get ready for a very uncomfortable day if you wear the wrong undergarments. What you wear underneath is closest to your skin, and you want to ensure that you choose undergarments that fit well, are easy on the skin, and are breathable. For women, picking the right bra size and opting for seamless underwear can make all the difference in terms of comfort. With seamless underwear, for example, your movement will feel less constricted, as the materials used to make such underwear are meant to be breathable. Plus, they won’t leave you embarrassed with visible underwear lines. The same pretty much applies to men’s boxers and singlets. They should be gentle on the skin, not too tight, and prevent skin irritation. 

  1. Stock up on comfy yet fashionable clothing pieces

Investing in clothes that make you feel comfortable but are fashionable enough to wear when heading out. Things like a pair of well-fitting blue jeans, good quality Tees, fashionable yoga pants or leggings, a pair of white everyday sneakers, etc. These types of clothes are great when looking to play it safe but feel comfortable at the same time. You can also consider adding some loose and relaxed knitwear to your collection. 

  1. Consider adding layers

Wearing layers is a great way to look good and feel comfortable without sacrificing a fashionable appearance. And they are especially helpful when you’re looking to age with grace. For example, if you love to wear body-fitting clothes, you can add a layer of a long sweater. The most important thing when layering is to ensure that your outfit works as a whole unit and as single layers. In other words, taking off one layer should not mess up your outfit.

  1. Chic up looser fitting pieces

Some of the most comfortable clothes are the ones that drape loosely on the body. If you love to dress up with loose clothes, you can find ways to make them appear more stylish. For example, you can invest in loose clothes that allow you to show some skin. Some fashion experts agree that wearing something looser but showing a bit of skin can be as sexy and unique as a fashionable head-to-toe outfit. You can also invest in flowy, wrap-around, or wrap dresses. These types of clothes look sleek and tailored without being restrictive. 

  1. Don’t forget to accessorize

Throw in the right accessories, and you can turn any dull-looking outfit into a lively one. A little jewelry can be all the fashion pieces your comfy outfit needs to look chic. A pair of great-looking sunglasses, handbag, bracelet, earrings, etc., can prove wonderful additions to a comfortable outfit. 

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