Book Review: Diamonds are Forever

You may have seen my post earlier today about book 2 in the Bank Street Stories series. I also received book 3 in the series, Diamonds are Forever.

While books 1 and 2 took place in the late 60s and early 70s, author Brook St. James fast forwarded to the late 1980s for Diamonds are Forever.

At the end of The Trouble with Crushes, Abigail and Daniel consider taking in a young student of hers and her little brother who were orphaned. In Diamonds are Forever, the main character is that young girl grown up, Lucy. When Lucy was in high school, she got pregnant with her high school boyfriend. He broke up with her and didn’t want to have anything to do with the pregnancy or baby. Lucy’s parents, Abigail and Daniel, were supportive of her and when Diamonds are Forever begins she is the mother to a 3 year old boy, Mac. She works at the family hardware store and writes children stories in her spare time in the hopes of one day becoming a published author.

While out by the water one day with Mac, she meets a young man approaching the shore on his boat. Drew just finished law school and was ready to propose to his girlfriend until he found out she’d been cheating on him. He tried to throw the ring in the water, but it landed back in the boat. Determined to get rid of it, he meets Lucy and begs her to take the ring and do whatever she wants with it. Sell it, keep it, whatever. She tries to give the ring back, but he won’t have it. They strike up a friendship and after a short-lived fake dating ploy, they realize they would like to actually date for real.

Their growing relationship is really cute and sweet. I loved the adorable relationship between Mac and Drew as well. I was surprised at how interested I was in the book only because I don’t generally love 2nd generation stories. Before I began reading, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea that we went from a young Abigail and Daniel in the early 1970s beginning their life together to it now being 1988 and their kids are grown. But, Lucy and Drew were so likable that I ended up enjoying the story.

I recommend Diamonds are Forever if you’re looking for a quick, clean romance.

I was sent a digital copy of this book, but paperbacks will be available this Tuesday, August 16!

*This novel was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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