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Essential Home Servicing Tasks You Shouldn’t Ignore

Essential Home Servicing Tasks You Shouldn’t Ignore 

Homeownership does not stop at purchasing a property. There are several important things to focus on to protect your investment. One of them is preventive home servicing and maintenance. You do not have to wait to start noticing signs of damage before deciding to call the respective professionals. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that one-third of homeowners do this. If you are part of them, perhaps learning something about preventive maintenance would be useful. Ultimately, these tips can help improve your home’s quality.

  1. Check for leaks before calling an experienced plumber

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According to the US EPA, homes waste one trillion gallons of water yearly, and nothing seems to be done about it. According to the organization, this results from water leakages that go unnoticed or are completely ignored because they do not seem to cause immediate danger or damage. Unfortunately, this misconception can cause expensive and extensive repair works in short to long-term. On the other hand, people who genuinely do not notice these leakages may want to do the following. 

First, inspect dark areas under the pipes in your home. It is also recommended to check under your sinks and inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Additionally, take a closer look at the base of your water closet and check for signs of moisture. Sometimes, the upper part of your walls at 90 degrees to your ceiling can show signs of internal leakages. After all these inspections, the next line of action is to call the plumber. Whether or not you detect signs of leakage, calling in the professional becomes a preventive measure to protect your home.

  1. Electrical checks

Approximately 51,000 electrical fires occur annually in homes, which should concern you. Flickering lights, buzzing sounds, heated ceiling fixtures, acrid smells, and warm wall switches indicate problems with a home’s electrical system. However, how can you identify a problem with your home’s electrical system without these signs? 

It is essential to always have an experienced group of electricians on speed dial in case you need periodic checks. Companies like Infinite Electric can greatly help when you need these regular inspections conducted in and around your home. This preventive maintenance activity can save you from losing your home to an avoidable fire.

  1. Renew the finish on your hardwood floors

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The finishing of hardwood floors makes the surface look appealing and new. In many instances, it is the first thing that attracts potential home buyers when they are indoors. However, hardwood flooring is usually vulnerable to moisture and humidity. They are also prone to scratching, especially with kids and pets. More importantly, they are costly on the first installation. Therefore, preventive maintenance will be your best bet if you want to avoid the expensive repairs they often come with. Periodic refinishing is important for these floors. 

However, there is a trick to extending the lifespan of hardwood floors. Instead of waiting for the old finish to wear off completely before reapplying the new stain, you can do something else. Call in a professional to reapply the new stain over the old finish before it fades off entirely. This eliminates having to sand into the wood to reapply a new stain and weakens the flooring gradually. Therefore, when you employ this perfectly timed reapplication trick, you can avoid costly repairs.

4. Get your car or vehicle touched up

While it’s more of a vanity update than a maintenance need, getting your car or vehicle touched up is worthwhile. If you’ve got some chipped paint or scuffed areas on your car, then jeep touch up paint is quick and affordable to do.

It keeps it looking in good condition and by painting over any scuffs, you’ll protect the car from rusting.

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