Book Review: The Stranger in Seat 8B

I’ve heard great things about author Nikki Castle so I squeezed in her novella, The Stranger in Seat 8B, last week.

The novella is a dual pov told from the perspectives of Annie, a lawyer, and Damien, a record label owner. In this reverse grumpy sunshine story, Annie is highly focused on her career. She wants to spend her flight time doing work and doesn’t want to make small talk with her seat mate. Unlucky (or lucky?) for her, Damien is friendly and wants to chat with her. Normally, he wouldn’t be so pushy with the conversation, but there’s something about Annie that makes him want to get to know her. Usually not one to socialize much, somehow Damien gets through Annie’s icy exterior and she actually enjoys talking to him. It gets a bit steamy on the plane and continues on during an overnight layover. But when they go back to reality, will they pursue a relationship or was this just a random fling?

I really liked this novella and the spice was good, but I had high expectations for this since it had been hyped so much. It’s not that I was let down, because I definitely wasn’t, I was just expecting more because of the hype. I liked the characters and the spice, but I think because it’s only a novella it’s hard to get really invested in the characters. Considering the short book, it was a good story! So if you’re in the mood for a spicy novella with a reverse grumpy sunshine, definitely check this out!

P.S. Good thing I saved this Kindle photo from a flight I took in the spring. It came in handy for this post!

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