New Lovelight Farms Cover

Did I need the new cover for Lovelight Farms? No. But, absolutely yes. I think original cover is cute, but it doesn’t go with the vibe of the other two books (In the Weeds and Mixed Signals) and the new one is so cute with its vintage Christmas card vibe. Also, I saw author B.K. Borison’s story about the cover and found out that what happened with the original cover. When she published Lovelight Farms her original artist for the cover dropped out last minute so she had to scramble to figure out the cover and then Luka ended up with a beard on the cover. FYI, Luka doesn’t have a beard in the books haha. Anyway, I decided to get the new cover and I’m in love.

Another reason I wanted the new cover is because there’s a bonus epilogue and an extra scene from Luka’s POV!

I love the little pine tree air freshener on the cover. If you read the book you know that Luka leaves one for Stella every time he leaves like a little calling card.

Do you have multiple copies of books with different covers?

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