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6 DIY Projects to Make Your Home Pop


Do you get bored of looking at the same designs and patterns easily? Do you like to be creative and craft things of your own? If so, DIY is for you!

There are so many simple ways you can splash your character around your home. Many people find DIY therapeutic too. If you’re looking for some ideas to make your home pop, take a look below.

Paint Inside Shelving Nooks

Your shelves don’t have to be boring; they can be as colorful as you want them to be. Painting inside the shelving nooks is a great way to upgrade your shelving area without removing your shelves. It doesn’t have to be one color either.

You can do a different color for each nook. If you want the colors to be more visible, consider replacing some of the books with ornaments instead.

Replace Door Handles

This could be one of the most underrated DIY jobs of all time. Replacing your door handles may not seem like a big job but it can make a huge difference to the look of your home. Updating your door handles doesn’t have to stop with your doors either.

You can replace your cupboard door handles on furniture and handles on kitchen cupboards. Just watch how your rooms transform.

Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is the one of the first things your visitors will see. If you want to make a welcoming impression, it’s only right that your door sets the tone for the rest of your home. This year, designers are loving deep reds and dark blues for front door colors.

Add a seasonal wreath and you’ve got a front door you can be proud of.

Gallery Wall

Creating your own gallery wall doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Gallery walls are trending right now and they look great in any room or even climbing the stairs. Print out good quality black and white pictures and purchase large black frames.

Create your own pattern on the wall in pride of place for everyone to view.

Create a Breakfast Nook

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but if you haven’t got somewhere to sit down and eat, it can go without the appreciation it deserves. You can make a space for a breakfast nook in any room with the help of a corner table. 

If you want to go one better, you could consider renovating or restorating your kitchen. Let the expert Buddy Schum arrest your old space to create something functional and beautiful. Your kitchen has to be practical but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being there.

Pop of Color

No matter what room you’re in, a pop of color will always add character. If you like to keep your walls plain, consider painting your fireplace instead or if your sofas are plain, decorate them with colorful cushions.

DIY is about experimenting and finding what suits you. Don’t be afraid to take risks and show your personality in your creations.

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