Book Review: This Time Next Year

Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice time ringing in the new year!

I finished This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens a week ago, but I’ve waiting until January 1st to post my review because of the premise. Let me explain!

This Time Next Year follows Minnie Cooper and Quinn Hamilton, both born on the same day in the same hospital in London. When Minnie and Quinn were born, there was a contest going on in London that would give a money reward to the first baby born in 1990. Minnie and Quinn’s mothers were in the same hospital room, both in labor on New Year’s Eve. While waiting to deliver, the two women talked and became friendly with each other. Minnie’s mother shared how she was going to name her child Quinn, because it was a lucky family name. Then, Quinn’s mom gave birth 1 minute before Minnie’s and named her son, Quinn!! Not only did Quinn get Minnie’s name, but she thinks he took all her luck too because she has the worst luck on her birthday. Every New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day something terrible happens to her.

On New Year’s of their 30th birthday they meet and before long they realize their connection. Minnie couldn’t believe she was face to face with her life-long enemy! What they don’t realize is that they have been unknowingly crossing paths with each other every New Year’s for most of their lives. It doesn’t take long for Minnie to realize that Quinn is actually really nice and quite charming and they become friends. Over the course of the next year they become sometimes friends, sometimes hinting at more than friends. There is laughter, understanding, and heartbreak.

Quinn comes from money and is a successful businessman. Minnie comes from a working class family, loves to cook and has a struggling business where she provides meat pies for people who are underprivileged or too old to cook. Minnie is a really good person who wants to help others and is still trying to find her place in life and what will make her happy. And despite everything it sometimes feels like the world is just against her or having a laugh at her expense and I think that’s totally relatable. I feel like Minnie is the character I’ve related to most in a lot of ways in all of my recent reads.

I really loved this book and the slow burn of their friendship and romance. It is one of those books that makes you believe in soulmates for sure.

Spoiler: The only thing I wish was better was the resolution. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy that it’s a happy ending, but I really wanted Quinn to grovel a bit more to make up for hurting Minnie’s feelings when he acted like he didn’t want a relationship with her. Make him work for it a little more, girl! *End of Spoiler*

So now you know why I chose New Year Day to post this review!

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