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How To Inject Personality to Your Home

If you want a home that makes you feel relaxed, uplifted, and even inspired, you need to put a lot of time and effort into it. A home is a space where we are meant to feel as if we belong, so that means you need to have your stamp on it. There are many ways we can get our personality out on the canvas that is our home. It doesn’t matter what your personality trait is; whether you are the bohemian creative type or you love that bling style, you can always find a way to express yourself and create a real home. So, let’s discover some ways you can add personality to your home. 


A Feature Wall

A great way to add some personality to a home is to create a feature wall. A feature wall is basically a wall that you target to become a statement piece. You can paint it a bright or very bold color. You can hang a lot of art, photos, motivational quotes, etc., on it. Things that inspire you and touch your core personality. You could paint on a wall mural. What scene would really make you feel that you are at home? Maybe a woodland scene or the city skyline at night. Another easy to change a wall can be to add peel-and-stick panels, as you find here  https://www.stikwood.com/collections/white-wall-planks. All you need to do is jazz up a wall and make that the main feature in the room.


You need to get clever at using color, as color is a great way to add personality. The good thing is that you can paint anywhere and everywhere. You can paint walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, doors, and the exterior too. Colors can be used to create certain effects. Say you want an extremely cozy room; maybe you could use dark shades with warm hues, a dark red or orange perhaps. This could be a great snug or film room. If you want a room that relaxes, then perhaps a light blue or green. If you want a color that will make a small space seem larger, then go for light colors. Painting the skirting the same color as the floor can also give the effect that a room is larger too. Decide what you want a room for, then choose a color that has the power to evoke that mood and use the tricks to expand or detract the space too. 


Reupholstering is a greater way to add more personality to your furniture. Maybe you are fed up with all the old furniture you have. Well, instead of chucking it all out and buying new stuff devoid of personality. How can you change things? Maybe sanding down that old wardrobe and giving it a new wood stain or painting an image onto it is an idea. Covering an old sofa with new material that you have discovered is another way. This is an area that is great for creatives, so go out there and find something that suits your personality and merge it into your home.  

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