Book Review: So Close

So Close by Sylvia Day came out this week and I was lucky enough to get an ARC. I just finished it yesterday and let me tell you I was hooked from start to finish!

I can’t really give an in-depth review without spoiling anything in this sexy psychological thriller so I’ll keep this as basic as possible.

So Close is told from the point of view of three women and one man: Lily, Aliyah, Amy, and Witte.

Kane Black is a wealthy, smart, and very good looking man. He runs his family corporation, Baharan. 6 years ago, his wife Lily went out sailing on her own and was lost at sea and believed to be dead. He has mourned her ever since, putting lilies on everything, wearing lily cuff links, hanging a large portrait of her in his bedroom. Kane has had a string of one night stands since her death with women who remind him physically of his late wife.

Aliyah, is Kane’s mother who is manipulative and power hungry. Kane is her eldest son with her first husband and then she has 2 more sons and 1 daughter who all also work for the family company. She will do anything to stay in power and despises any woman who she thinks has more influence over her sons than her.

Amy is the wife of Aliyah’s son, Darius. She is easily manipulated by Aliyah. She met Darius after she had an unforgettable (on her part) one-night stand with Kane years ago because she has a resemblance to Lily. Kane didn’t want anything to do with her beyond that one night so she settles for Darius, who actually seems really great and also good looking, but she is so hung up on Kane that she is sort of obsessed with him.

Witte is the major domo for Kane – running his household and day to day life including overseeing things like security etc.

The story kicks off when Kane is in the car being driven to the office when he sees Lily on the street. She’s alive! But where has she been for the past 6 years? Is she really Lily? Was she trying to get away from her husband and faked her death to do so? Or was she trying to protect Kane from something in her past?

The book was so good! And I’m not a huge thriller fan so that’s saying somethign! It’s the first book in a duology so I can’t wait for the second book to come out this fall. The book kept me guessing the whole time. I couldn’t figure out what was the truth or a lie and every time I thought I knew what the truth was, a twist would come and I was back to square one. I will say I am rooting for Lily and Kane!

This was my first Sylvia Day book but I am a big fan now! I saw that she has a series called Crossfire that and this Blacklist duology is a spinoff from that series so I’m definitely going to have to read that. There was a cameo and many mentions of the main characters from the Crossfire series in So Close so I’m excited to read their story!

*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.*

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