Book Review: Royally in Trouble

I read and loved Royally Not Ready by Meghan Quinn last week and was excited to read the follow up in the duology, Royally in Trouble.

At the end of Royally Not Ready, Keller and Lilly are engaged. When Royally in Trouble begins they are preparing for their wedding and getting very stressed out. There is a lot of prep work to be done, a lot of traditions to learn for Lilly, Keller still feels like he’s not meant to be part of the royal family due to his upbringing and training to serve the crown, and King Theo has asked them to remain celibate until the wedding so they can’t even be intimate to still feel connected amidst all the stress.

And it’s not just the stress and their personal feelings that is causing issues leading up to the wedding, but there are outside forces at work too that don’t want them together and/or don’t want Lilly to become Queen. These forces even resort to spying, sabotage, and kidnapping!

Will Lilly and Keller be able to get through all the obstacles and everything/everyone trying to stop them from getting married? Can their love endure all that’s being thrown at them?

I really enjoyed this book, but a little less than Royally Not Ready. Where book 1 had all the comedy and angst and sexual tension between Lilly and Keller, this book had them really going through the wringer and they had one thing after another thrown at them. It had its emotional moments and happy moments also, but I just didn’t love that so much of the book had them at odds with each other for various reasons. However, after the halfway mark then things took a turn and I really started to love it. The ending was fantastic.

Overall, I really liked the book – especially the second half – and I still love Keller and Lilly! I also really liked Lilly’s cousins Isabella and Marit and think a book or books for them would be so fun. I messaged Meghan Quinn and asked if she’d ever write a book for them and said maybe one day!

This has to be read after Royally Not Ready. Read this duet if you want a spicy royal romcom!

And here are some aesthetic boards I made for the book! One from Canva and one from Shuffles which I’m trying to learn!

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