Book Review: Rogue

I recently read Rogue, the second book in Elle Kennedy’s Prep series. It picks up about a week after the ending of Misfit and continues on with the mystery of what happened the night of Casey Trescott’s accident. Misfit focused on the love story between RJ and Sloane and Rogue follows Fenn and Casey!

Spoilers for Misfit below!

As noted above, this picks up a week after the ending of Misfit. Casey and Fenn are more than just friends now, finally admitting and giving in to their feelings for each other. Fenn is the one Casey trusts the most as she can always talk to him about anything and he’s been the one comforting her for months post-accident. But what Casey doesn’t know is that RJ and Sloane found the missing security footage of her accident and Fenn is the one who pulled her out of the sinking car. He’s not the one who drove the car into the water and left her, but he did pull her out and then leave her so it doesn’t look good for him.

Casey is tired of being coddled and frustrated with her dad and sister’s overprotectiveness. She’s still dealing with her accident and missing memories and hates being treated like a delicate, weak girl. This coupled with her hurt feelings about Fenn’s involvement the night of her accident has her rebelling and acting out. Can anyone help reel Casey in? Can she forgive Fenn for his involvement? And what really happened that night?

I really enjoyed this novel and being back in this world with characters I love. I did love Misfit more, mostly because I found Casey really annoying at times in this book. I understand she’s going through a lot and trying to cope with what happened to her, but her destructive impulses started to get a little tiring for a while there. Nevertheless, I still did really enjoy the book. And although Casey annoyed me at times, I loved being reunited with RJ, Sloane, Fenn, and Lawson. Silas – I’m still unsure about. I think there’s going to be a really interesting story there but for now he just seems fishy.

Elle Kennedy has hinted that she will write a third book, but has said there are no definite plans yet. I hope she does write at least one more in this series so we can find out the full story of what happened to Casey Trescott and also I really want Lawson to get a happy story!

Read this series if you want a spicy prep school romance.

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