Book Review: Travis

Earlier this year I read and absolutely loved Archer’s Voice. One of the side characters in the book was Travis Hale. He wasn’t the greatest guy in that book, but by the end (no spoilers) you understand why he acted the way he did and he doesn’t seem so bad. So when I found out that Mia Sheridan was coming out with a book focusing on him, Travis, I had to get it. I finally read it earlier this week!

Travis takes place 8 years after the end of Archer’s Voice. Archer and Bree are married with 3 kids and he and Travis have a much better relationship. Travis is now Chief of Police in Pelion and is thinking it’s time to settle down with his girlfriend Phoebe. Until he catches Phoebe in bed with someone else…

Shortly after this, Travis meets Haven Torres, a young woman who is living and working in Pelion just for the summer. There’s something about this plant loving, health food loving woman that Travis is attracted to despite her not being the typical beauty queen type woman he usually dates. But Haven is only staying for the summer, has a crush on Gage Buchanan (Gage is a guy who comes from a wealthy family on the other side of the lake and also made an appearance in Archer’s Voice), and her brother is the guy Travis caught with his ex!

Travis and Haven become friends and decide to help each other out. Haven will help instill some fear into her brother, Easton, so he’ll never know if Travis is going to get revenge on him or not. And Travis will help Haven get a date with Gage. The only problem is the more time they spend together the less Travis wants revenge and the less Haven wants to go out with Gage.

Meanwhile while all this is going on, Travis has to deal with his past and feelings he has kept buried about his dad and Archer, and Haven has to deal with her past and consider planting roots somewhere and not just moving from place to place forever.

I loved this book. Not as much as Archer’s Voice which really packed an emotional punch and I love love loved Archer and Bree. But, I still loved this book too. Despite Travis not being the greatest in Archer’s Voice, I liked him from beginning to end in Travis. I also really liked Haven and think her and Travis were perfection together! And of course, I loved the scenes with Archer, Bree, and their kids!

This book, while not quite as emotional as Archer’s Voice, did still have its emotional moments and healing as well.

Mia Sheridan announced her third Pelion book, Falling for Gage, recently and it comes out in the spring! I can’t wait to see who Gage falls in love with!

Read this if you want a spicy friends to lovers, small town contemporary romance.

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