Book Review: Secrets Laid to Rest

Today is my book tour stop for Secrets Laid to Rest by Catherine C. Hall!

This novel is described as being a mix between Golden Girls and Ghostbusters, which should definitely pique your interest! At least it did for me!

The novel takes place in a small town in Georgia where everyone knows everyone. A few women in town attend a talk with famous tv ghost hunters and immediately see through their act and realize these guys don’t know anything. The ladies who are all in the 50s-60s except for 1 who is younger decide to try their hand at their own supernatural investigating.

Ree has been widowed for two years and isn’t really into the whole supernatural thing, but her friends are so enthusiastic that she feels like she needs to keep an eye on them. Elle’s husband left town a while ago and she’s still in denial that he’s not coming back to their marriage so she spends her days taking care of her elderly father, baking pies to sell, and still making family plans with her kids and grandkids with the notion that her husband will be joining them. Betsy is a preacher’s wife who longs to break free from her husband’s conservative lifestyle and have some fun. She also has an interest in the supernatural and tarot card reading, which she hides from her husband. And lastly, Gillian, who is back in town to take care of her mother after a bad car accident. She is the one with the most supernatural knowledge and has equipment for ghost hunting.

When an older woman who is a parishioner at Betsy’s husband’s church confides in the ladies that she thinks there is a ghost in her house, the group takes her own as their first client and investigate. But that doesn’t end up being their only client. When another friend in town mistakes their supernatural investigative service as a private investigative service, she asks them to dig up information and tail her husband who she suspects is up to something such as an affair. Now with two very different cases to investigate the ladies try their best to solve the cases.

The premise of the book was really good and I liked all the ladies! I thought the story was enjoyable. I felt having two cases though (plus the personal storylines of the ladies) was a little too much because whenever one storyline was gaining momentum it would switch to another storyline. That made it a little hard to really get hooked for me personally.

Overall though I did really enjoy the book and I can see this becoming a series!

*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.*

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