• Apple Crumb Cake

    Apple Crumb Cake

    Looking for something to snack on with your coffee this weekend? This apple crumb cake is so good and perfect with that afternoon cup of coffee! When I make it I follow this recipe that I found on Pinterest. Like with most recipes, I followed the original recipe pretty closely except for a few minor changes. As always, you can click on the original recipe above for all the exact measurements and details. What I changed about the recipe was that I made the cake in a pan smaller than 9×13 so that it would be a little cakier (is that word?). I also halved the crumble, because I don’t like too…

  • Lemon Thyme Cake

    Lemon Thyme Loaf Cake

    Hello from Toronto! After my flight getting delayed Friday evening due to crew member issues I finally made it about 2.5 hours later than planned and got to my hotel at 1am!  (My other blog posts this weekend were written and scheduled ahead of time if you’re wondering why I’m just now greeting you from Canada) I’m here just for the holiday weekend to visit family and do some sightseeing since I haven’t really done sightseeing here since I was a kid. The past few times I’ve been here it’s just been to visit family and attend a wedding. So I’m taking advantage of my weekend here with some museums…

  • Ice Cream Cake

    Ice Cream Cake

    Did you watch the series finale of Game of Thrones last night? I’ll go more in depth with my thoughts next week in a post after the 2 hour documentary, but I was a bit underwhelmed by the finale. And I wanted a happier ending for the Starks. But I’ll go all in to that next week sometime, which also gives anyone who’s behind in watching some time to catch up! Anyway, on to this post – specifically the title of this post. When I say ice cream cake, I really mean cake. Today I’m sharing a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream in the layers. 5 years ago (I…

  • Food

    Carrot Cake

    Carrot cake sometimes gets a bad rap and I don’t know why, because I think it’s delicious and underrated! I’m planning on making this carrot cake this weekend so I thought I would share some photos of a time I made it a while ago. Plus, I think it would be a great dessert for an upcoming dinners you’re having this spring such as Easter. I use Pioneer Woman’s carrot cake recipe, but I don’t make cream cheese frosting – I just use whipped cream which is what I prefer. The other change I make is that I mix white and brown sugar instead of only using white. Oh, I…

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    Apple Walnut Cake

    I’m back with another fall recipe that I found and used with the second half of the apples I got when I went on my failed apple picking trip. I made an apple crostata with the first half of the apple batch and made an apple walnut cake with the second half. Instead of making another apple crostata, I wanted to try something different. I found this apple walnut coffee cake recipe and decided to give it a try. I stuck with that recipe for the most part, except I swapped out the white sugar for brown sugar, because as I’ve said before brown sugar just seems (to me) the better…

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    Pistachio Cake

    Every once in a while I’ll browse on Pinterest for some food, fashion, or craft ideas. Or to look longingly at the many jaw droppingly beautiful travel photos all over the site. I’m not one of those people who are on Pinterest daily though, I just never caught that bug. Today I bring to you my try at a recipe I found through the site and it was not a Pinterest fail at all, but a complete success! I made a pistachio cake and it came out looking pretty good and tasting pretty good too. I got the recipe here and it was super simple. The recipe calls for yellow cake…

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    Father’s Day Chocolate Cake

    Happy Father’s Day weekend to any dads out there reading this! A few weeks ago my cousin gave me the idea to make my dad a chocolate cake from Food Network’s Pioneer Woman, because he’s a chocolate cake fan. The recipe is pretty straight forward and easy to follow, but I didn’t want it to be as chocolatey as hers (too much chocolate is too rich for my taste) and I also didn’t feel the need to make a 4 layer cake. I cut the recipe in half and also replaced the chocolate cream with whipped cream from scratch. The cake came out really good and tasty, but a little denser than…