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    Ballroom Dancing

    When I was little I used to watch Dirty Dancing all the time. My parents let me watch it even though I was probably too young, but I didn’t really understand what was going on anyway – I just wanted to watch the dancing. After a while I would just fast forward to all the dances I liked and the montage during “Hungry Eyes” is still my favorite. I was once at my aunt’s house with my friend baking cookies. When we were done, we went to the guest room to watch tv and the movie was on. We were play dancing around the room to the movie and she tried…

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    DWTS Season 22: Nyle DiMarco

    Earlier today I posted my photo response to “Dance“, so it’s very fitting that I’m posting about the new season of Dancing with the Stars. The new season of the show kicked off this past Monday night and when I first saw the cast list there wasn’t anyone on there that I was dying to see. Jodie Sweetin from Full House and Fuller House is on the cast and I really wanted to see how she would do, but other than that there wasn’t anyone that I was already a big fan of. Well, all that has changed because I got introduced (not for real introduced, but how cool would that be?) to…

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    Photo Challenge: Dance

    Dancing is one of the most beautiful art forms. I love dancing whether it’s out with my friends having a fun time or when I took dance classes growing up from elementary school until I graduated high school. If you know me, you’ll also know I’m obsessed with watching dance shows on TV like Dancing with the Stars (p.s. a post about the new season coming later today!). But things other than people can have dance-like qualities too so when I thought about what kind of picture I wanted to take or use for this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, which was “Dance“, I tried to think of other…

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    “Stay With Me” – A Dance

    I’m going to safely assume you all have heard Sam Smith’s song “Stay With Me”. While I loved it for a good while last year when it first came out, I started to get tired of hearing it all the time. You know, when it gets to the point that you hear it so often that whenever it comes on the radio you change the channel. Now that it’s been a while since I’ve listened to the song, I don’t mind it again. I recently came across this video of two professional dancers dancing to the song. Most of you don’t know that I danced while growing up until I…

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    Yesterday, I went to Sway: A Dance Trilogy and it was awesome! I’m a big Dancing with the Stars fan and I love watching dancing in general. The dancers always make it look so easy and effortless. Of course, it isn’t easy to dance at that level and I’m always so in awe when I see these pros do their thing. I’ve never ballroom danced, but I did dance (your standard jazz, lyrical, tap) from elementary school until I graduated high school. Sometimes I wish I took it more seriously, but maybe one day I’ll take up ballroom dancing! Anyway, back to the show – it’s a dance show in Long…