“Stay With Me” – A Dance

I’m going to safely assume you all have heard Sam Smith’s song “Stay With Me”. While I loved it for a good while last year when it first came out, I started to get tired of hearing it all the time. You know, when it gets to the point that you hear it so often that whenever it comes on the radio you change the channel. Now that it’s been a while since I’ve listened to the song, I don’t mind it again.

I recently came across this video of two professional dancers dancing to the song. Most of you don’t know that I danced while growing up until I graduated high school. I never took it too seriously (one of my regrets as I look back at my younger years) but even still as a former dancer, I watch videos like this in awe. Some argue that dance isn’t a sport and to those critics, I say dance is absolutely a sport! Just look at some of these videos, like this one, for a glimpse at what these dancers are able to do with their bodies. They make it look effortless, but I can tell you it takes years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

I really enjoy this dance interpretation of the song and it’s made me appreciate the song all over again. People Magazine described as a ballet duet, which I don’t agree with. I don’t think it’s ballet at all, but instead contemporary. Either way, I think they did a fantastic job and it’s beautifully done!

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