• Buffalo Chicken Dip


    Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Now that we’re really in the middle of fall and the temperatures are dropping, it’s the perfect time to break out the hot dips. Buffalo chicken dip is so good and I love spreading some on to slices of bread and enjoy. I use the Frank’s Red Hot recipe except I cut it in half and use cheddar instead of bleu cheese. The Frank’s Red hot recipe for the dip is pretty easy. You need shredded chicken, cream cheese, Frank’s Red Hot, Ranch dressing, and cheese. As I said above, I used shredded cheddar instead of bleu cheese crumbles. Combine all the ingredients and put it into a baking dish. Bake…

  • Smoked Salmon Spread


    Smoked Salmon Spread

    A student of mine was recently talking about how much she loved visiting Alaska on a vacation she went on last year and it reminded me of the trip I took to the beautiful state 2 years ago. Since I was reminiscing, I remembered I never shared a really easy and delicious snack courtesy of my trip to Alaska! If you followed my blog back 2 years ago, then you might remember I want on a land & cruise trip around Alaska. On one of the first days there, I went on a Riverboat trip. While on the boat, they had a few snacks made out of Captain Jim’s Smoked…

  • Cheeseburger Dip


    Cheeseburger Dip

    So you know when you scroll down your Instagram feed, there’s occasionally those sponsored posts from brands as a form of advertisement? Well, a few weeks ago I saw one of those sponsored posts from Walmart and they had a picture up of Cheeseburger Dip which looked so good. I thought it would be perfect for the Super Bowl so I looked up the recipe and I decided I needed to make it before the big game in case any of you want to try it out! I mostly followed the Walmart recipe, which you can find here, but I found two discrepancies with the recipe. First off, the picture that…