Arrows & Boots

Things have been a little busy and crazy lately, but a fresh look and new boots is just what I needed! If you read my recent fashion inspiration post, I’m trying to have more fun with layers. Tank Top: Forever21 Tee: Mudd – Basic V-Neck Tee (Egret Arrow) via Kohls Cardigan: Chadwicks Pants: Uniqlo Boot Socks: American Eagle Boots: Steve […]


Fashion Inspiration: Layered Look

The Librarians: Cassandra’s Style by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring sweaters I’ve seen some episodes of TNT’s “The Librarians” and it’s a fun, adventure type show based off the previous TV movies. One of the characters, Cassandra, has a quirky style, which I’ve noticed features lots of layers and tights. I love to see what they put her […]