Game of Thrones Season Finale

Last night was the Game of Thrones season finale. I won’t give any real spoilers if you haven’t watched the episode yet, but I will say that although there were a handful of deaths I didn’t think any of them were very shocking a la Ned Stark or gave quite the same feeling of victory as Joffrey (finally!). I have read most of the books (I think I stopped halfway through the 5th book) but I read them a while ago and I really can’t remember everything not to mention each book is on average 1,000 pages long. So there are some things that I don’t remember whether it is how it happened in the books or not.

Before the season finale aired, I saw this gallery/list on TvGuide about the most shocking moments on the show. The list is a reminder of how great this show is and how basically anything can happen. Click here to relive these shocking moments!

What were your thoughts on the season finale?


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